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2021 Key Sessions Included:

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  • Reimagine anti-infective drug development to ensure economic sustainability, with insight from Merck, CARB-X & AlloVir
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  • Explore the non-traditional approaches employed to combat multi-drug resistance, with insight from Locus Biosciences, Peptilogics & SciBac
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  • Advance the clinical superiority of anti-infectives to drive commercial success, with insight from ContraFect & Summit Therapeutics
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  • Target the unmet medical need to ensure drug development pipeline success, with insight from BioVersys, Entasis Therapeutics & Spero Therapeutics
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  • Discover superior novel strategies to combat anti-microbial resistance, with insight from Techulon, MicuRX & Princeton University

Speaker Testimonials

"This conference brings together thought leaders and experts across disciplines to tackle the frontiers of anti-infective drug development in the quest for superior clinical outcomes"

Cara Cassino, Executive Vice President of R&D & Chief Medical Officer, ContraFect


"We are excited to participate in an infectious disease-focused conference with an emphasis on drug development"

Dave Ousterout, Chief Scientific Officer, Locus Biosciences


"I look for to receiving an update on progress on development of anti-bacterials, especially in less traditional areas"

Marc Navre, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientific Officer, Facile Therapeutics


"I look forward to sharing experience in drug development for rare pathogen and engaging in dialog around opportunities to support innovative design, regulatory review and product use"

David Altarac, Chief Medical Officer, Entasis Therapeutics


"I look forward to networking with other leaders, updates from other companies on pipeline progress and strategy, progress on commercial and pull mechanisms"

David Powell, Chief Scientific Officer, Summit Therapeutics


"This digital conference will increase public and industry awareness about the global threat of resistant bacterial infections and the emerging therapies to address unmet medical needs"

Mike Gordeev, Chief Scientific Officer, MicuRx Pharmaceuticals