**All times in EDT**

Day Two

Thursday April 22

8:15 am Morning Networking

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Advancing Clinical Superiority of Anti-Infectives to Drive Commercial Success

9:00 am Direct Lytic Agents (DLA): New Medical Modalities for Life- Threatening, Drug-Resistant Infections

  • Cara Cassino Executive Vice President of R&D & Chief Medical Officer, ContraFect


  • Harnessing the antimicrobial power of DLAs
  • Translating the power of DLAs to clinical development
  • Demonstrating the potential for superior outcomes for serious, life threatening, critically underserved infections

9:25 am Building a Pipeline of New Mechanism Antibiotics that Drives Commercial Sustainability through Clinical Superiority

  • David Powell Chief Scientific Officer, Summit Therapeutics


  • Targeted, new mechanism antibiotics
  • Microbiome preserving for wider health and quality of life
  • Differentiation through clinical superiority

9:50 am Q&A/Discussion

  • Cara Cassino Executive Vice President of R&D & Chief Medical Officer, ContraFect
  • David Powell Chief Scientific Officer, Summit Therapeutics

10:15 am Virtual Speed Networking


Grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat from the comfort of your own kitchen or office and virtually connect with new contacts in the antiinfectives drug development space. Exchange digital business cards, catch-up with colleagues and strike long lasting connections using our unique speed networking feature

10:45 am Morning Break

Targeting Unmet Medical Need to Ensure Anti-Infective Economic Sustainability

11:15 am BV100 – a Novel Therapy for Antibiotic-Resistant Acinetobacter Infections


  • BV100 displays potent in vitro and in vivo activity towards MDR Acinetobacter baumannii
  • Bactericidal in vitro and demonstrates a low rate of resistance development
  • Entered phase 1 development

11:40 am Ensuring Anti-Infective Economic Sustainability by Targeting the Unmet Medical Need

  • Angela Talley Vice President of Clinical Development, Spero Therapeutics


  • Strategies to ensure success in bringing a novel agent to market to address an unmet need
  • Next generation approaches to streamline anti-infective development to benefit patients with unmet need
  • Developing a clinical development program that addresses the needs of all stakeholders to support regulatory and commercial success

12:05 pm Targeted Therapy for Rare Pathogens: Challenges & Opportunities


  • Unique aspects of clinical trial design for targeted therapies
  • Regulatory pathways for “rare” pathogens (to include contents of data package for regulatory review and approval and post approval requirements to support use)
  • Partnering with clinicians to inform best practices for product usage

12:30 pm Q&A/Discussion

  • Glenn Dale Chief Development Officer, BioVersys
  • Angela Talley Vice President of Clinical Development, Spero Therapeutics
  • David Altarac Chief Medical Officer, Entasis Therapeutics

12:55 pm Lunch & Networking Break

Anti-Infectives of the Future: Discovery Superior Novel Agents to Combat AMR

2:00 pm Obstacles for Discovery & Development of Narrow Spectrum Antimicrobials


  • Advantages of peptide and nucleotide based narrow spectrum antimicrobials
  • Strategies and challenges to raise capitals for early stage antimicrobial developing companies
  • Inform the scientific community around the RANT platform and progress Techulon has made in developing novel therapeutics

2:25 pm Novel Investigational Polymyxin MRX-8 with an Improved Safety & Efficacy against Key Gram-Negative Infections

  • Mike Gordeev Chief Scientific Officer, MicuRx Pharmaceuticals


  • Multi-drug resistant gram-negative (GN) infections present a global health threat inadequately addressed by the current antibacterial drugs
  • Polymyxins are potent anti-GN antibiotics limited by nephro- and neuro-toxicities, and relative lack of efficacy in pneumonia and urinary tract infections
  • Conceptually novel drug candidate MRX-8 has demonstrated an attenuated renal and acute toxicity, along with a distinct potential for superior to polymyxin B efficacy in several preclinical models, supported by PKPD animal studies
  • Update on initial US Phase 1 results for the new IND agent may also be presented

2:50 pm Q&A/Discussion

3:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Anti-Infectives Drug Development Summit